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Since abandoning religious thinking and refusing to entertain all woo, I have become much more successful in life... I do not have to send prayers or look for a sign to determine whether there is an action I should take. I do not send "thoughts and prayers." Rather I send labor, expertise, or good old… Continue reading Control

Mental Health

The beginnings of a very severe decline

When I first began to take my mental health and treatment seriously, I made the choice to make my appearance and grooming a priority. I feel that being poorly groomed and sloppily dressed, especially when depressed, makes it difficult to get people to care about your well-being or receive help. It's a very human thing… Continue reading The beginnings of a very severe decline

Mental Health

Undermining Myself

I take a medication to manage my depression twice per day, once in the morning and once in the early afternoon. It's been an absolute life saver and provides a safety net for when I misstep on the tightrope, it keeps me from slamming into the floor.  The medication has a half life of 8… Continue reading Undermining Myself

Mental Health

Saying the A-Word Out Loud

The first time I said I was an Atheist, it was to a psychiatrist. I'll back up here. It was nearly four years ago that I had the biggest mental health crisis of my life. It had me off work for seven weeks, during which I was in a state of being completely unable to… Continue reading Saying the A-Word Out Loud