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Since abandoning religious thinking and refusing to entertain all woo, I have become much more successful in life... I do not have to send prayers or look for a sign to determine whether there is an action I should take. I do not send "thoughts and prayers." Rather I send labor, expertise, or good old… Continue reading Control

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Activism in its Infancy

I am at the same time both thrilled and ashamed. Thrilled because this week I was asked to join the planning committee for one of the biggest annual Atheist gatherings in California, and ashamed that I have not kept up the pace with either this blog or my blasphemous artwork. My final exams and critiques… Continue reading Activism in its Infancy

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Rigid Thinking

All semester long I have been taking an online class on the history of the art of the Islamic world. It could be an interesting class because Islamic art, particularly that of antiquity, is objectively beautiful. I love the calligraphy and geometric patterns, as well as the adaptation of Greek architecture in their mosques and… Continue reading Rigid Thinking

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If you don’t believe in God, why do you talk about him so much?

It's a common question, and a fair one.  It may be perplexing to a person of faith to try and understand the concept of actively fighting against something you say you don't believe in. Logically to a religious person, this would be akin to going on an anti-leprechaun campaign or voting for representatives based on… Continue reading If you don’t believe in God, why do you talk about him so much?