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Activism in its Infancy

I am at the same time both thrilled and ashamed. Thrilled because this week I was asked to join the planning committee for one of the biggest annual Atheist gatherings in California, and ashamed that I have not kept up the pace with either this blog or my blasphemous artwork. My final exams and critiques… Continue reading Activism in its Infancy

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Training Wheels

I was excited to find out this week that one of my paintings was selected for a gallery show!  While I've had artwork featured in a campus gallery or shop window before, this is my first for-real, people-having-wine-and-cheese gallery show where a placard and price tag will be next to my piece.  I'm excited to… Continue reading Training Wheels

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A Full-Time Atheist

Some of the people I admire most are full-time atheists. Standing on the thin line between Church and State, they stand their ground against multiple flavors of opposition, all shouting their conviction that a magic sky daddy, and facing this barrage with calm rationality. They speak volumes into a swirling echo chamber. I so desperately… Continue reading A Full-Time Atheist