Atheists Do Christmas Better

We all know this, don't we? Many years ago when my lack of faith began to have a name, understood but never spoken, I began rejecting many of the mindless rituals that continued year after year. The cookie exchange that kept everyone up late the night before, only to be greeted with the moans of… Continue reading Atheists Do Christmas Better

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Do you ever step back?

One of my biggest challenges as an art student is that I don't often enough take the time to step back an dview my work in progress. I can spend hours bent over a table shading a human body in intricate detail on paper with a pencil, then step back at my creation only to… Continue reading Do you ever step back?

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A Full-Time Atheist

Some of the people I admire most are full-time atheists. Standing on the thin line between Church and State, they stand their ground against multiple flavors of opposition, all shouting their conviction that a magic sky daddy, and facing this barrage with calm rationality. They speak volumes into a swirling echo chamber. I so desperately… Continue reading A Full-Time Atheist

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Stage 1 Atheism 

Often the domain of loud teenage boys speaking out of their parent's earshot, Stage 1 Atheism is a cathartic rite of passage for anyone waking up to the reality of the finality of mortality.  Stage 1 Atheism is loud, brash, often inappropriate in social situations and frequently inspires the stares and murmurs of the family. … Continue reading Stage 1 Atheism