atheism, Mental Health


Since abandoning religious thinking and refusing to entertain all woo, I have become much more successful in life…

I do not have to send prayers or look for a sign to determine whether there is an action I should take.

I do not send “thoughts and prayers.” Rather I send labor, expertise, or good old fashioned money.

Goals no longer depend on the will of another, only my own.

I do not have to remain quiet about my accomplishments, because they are the result of my own hard work, and the collaboration with other people. I do not have to modestly demure to some deity.

My mental illnesses are neither the cause of demons, nor is relief subject to an imaginary supernatural battle. They are managed with specific and measurable treatment.

My home is not cluttered with magic cure-all’s, essential oils, special rocks or do-nothing books.

I can identify the causes of seemingly random events in my life. They are neither a punishment nor a blessing. I am neither lucky nor unlucky.

The great thing about all this is that I am the cause of all the problems in my life; because I am also the solution. How massively empowering!

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