Mental Health

You only get one life…

Sometimes we forget. Sometimes we become complacent in our lives and fail to step back and see the big picture.

I’ve been a bit of a couch potato the last several years. When I got out of a really bad relationship a decade ago and moved out of state I landed in a place where I didn’t really have any social ties. I got a job that wasn’t much above minimum wage so I didn’t have the means to get dressed up and go out to a club or bar so I joined a gym with the simple goal of being around other people.

My job (at a produce company) provided me with a large box of free fruit and veg on a weekly basis, and I spent whatever remaining fund I had on Clif Bars in order to power through the day. The slim physique that naturally followed got the attention of more than a few young men and eventually resulted in what I call my “one-woman tour” of the local Air Force base.

Life was really, really good. I always had somewhere to be and someone to flirt with. I carpe’d the hell out of every diem.

Fast forward several years and I’m sitting on the couch after settling in with someone who was able to keep up with my whirling pace at the gym. We were run buddies and took a martial arts class together. Eventually we slowed to a rotation of Netflix and beer on the couch. Gym memberships were cancelled. We became career driven and takeout cartons became the norm.

Life got really boring, really fast. I spent hours watching shows like My 600-lb Pound Life in judgmental schadenfreude.

Until I noticed that the subjected of these shows got younger and younger. Until I noticed that I was taking up a bigger piece of real estate on the couch. Until I realized that the constantly nagging pain in my lower back was because I was sitting on the couch, not because I had hurt it in some imagined incident.

About 8 weeks ago I realized that I was pissing my life away indoors, that my body was no longer turning as many heads, that I felt *gasp* OLD! I resolved to do something about it. I’ve joined a CrossFit gym and resumed martial arts lessons. I feel amazing and have dropped almost seventeen pounds. Two weeks ago I ran a half marathon.

Life is too short to piss away indoors. You only get one. There is no god, no afterlife, no second chance. There is no reason to watch your life approach that point of no return.

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