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Activism in its Infancy

I am at the same time both thrilled and ashamed. Thrilled because this week I was asked to join the planning committee for one of the biggest annual Atheist gatherings in California, and ashamed that I have not kept up the pace with either this blog or my blasphemous artwork. My final exams and critiques are this week and have eaten up most of my time. I purchased a number of wooden panels to paint several weeks ago and they the first one still sits on my easel, ready to go with fully fleshed out ideas but still completely blank. After this week I will have about a month of free time from class and am also taking off about a week from work just to make art.

Anyway, my hope is to update this blog with enough regularity that when I identify myself as a “blogger/artist/activist” at the Atheist Conference next year that I won’t have to find myself explaining away a lack of content. Hopefully this will be the last “sorry I haven’t written in a while” type post, though it isn’t easy to snap my fingers and simply be the version of the person I see in my head. I’m sure we all have that fantasy version of ourselves, but I’d like to start taking steps to see my true self not only in the mirror but how others see me.  I’m trying to do a lot more reading (I’m slowly making my way though Armin Navabi’s Why there is no God at the moment), a lot less drinking, a lot more socializing and a lot less accumulation of the latest fad. No need to wait until the new year or my upcoming birthday.

Onward and forward!

Modern Nativity

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