Harold & Me

I’ve mentioned here before that included among my favorite YouTubers are Hugo and Jake of The Bible Reloaded. They produce some really amazing lowbrow content in the form of creativity narrating Chick Tracts and reviewing Christian films, as well as some very intelligent yet satirical readings from the bible. It really is terrific content and I look forward to their uploads.

Anyway, one of their best videos is a Chick Tract called “The Last Generation,” which depicts a dystopian world where God is outlawed by the New World Order. One of the peripheral villains of the story is a “healer” in a cone-headed bodysuit. Hugo and Jake have turned this one-off character into a running gag by naming him “Harold Penisman.” The entire gag consists of simply shouting “HAROLD PENISMAN!” Its hilarious, but very hard to explain.

I decided to make a bust of Harold for the paper maché portion of a sculpture class I’m taking in art school. Can you imagine how hard it was to explain a running joke about a nonexistent character from an obscure web series to an art class?

It was almost as hard as explaining to someone that I don’t believe in a god!

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