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Rigid Thinking

All semester long I have been taking an online class on the history of the art of the Islamic world. It could be an interesting class because Islamic art, particularly that of antiquity, is objectively beautiful. I love the calligraphy and geometric patterns, as well as the adaptation of Greek architecture in their mosques and palaces. I’ve mentioned the class in this blog previously in regards to the class not allowing any form of criticism of the religion. We were even given a list of “acceptable” terms to use when referring to any of the features of Islam in order to avoid anyone from inadvertently offending someone in class.

I’ve taken the class somewhat seriously because I’ll need a passing grade to continue with an Art History program should I ever choose to.

Except, I’m not actually learning anything in this class anymore. I’ve stopped reading the books because the answers to the questions on multiple choice exams are whatever answer puts Islam in the most positive light.

I’m finding this more and more to be the case when I talk to people of any religion. I am allowed to accept whatever information is being presented to me, but cannot question why. Questioning this celestial authority is the height of arrogance in their eyes and is simply not to be done. They are deeply in fear of being convicted of thought crimes against their slaveholder.

You would think an almighty god could hold up to a little criticism…


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