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When God Moved Away

According to the stories in the bible, God walked among Man, interfering directly in his affairs, having conversations and getting involved in conflicts. These stories were told and retold, and when Man looked around to see if God was there, he was not. Only other people could be found, and none of them were divine. God must have been somewhere else.

In ancient Greek and Roman times, God (Zeus) lived on Mount Olympus, just outside of the cities. There were a wealth of stories told about God and his family and the goings on of the mountain tops. Eventually Man conquered the mountains, and God wasn’t there. Where had he gone?

Surely God was in and above the clouds, Man later thought. God was up in the clouds with his harp playing angels, floating and flying free. He looked down upon us and passed judgement on our affairs. When Man conquered flight, he saw that there was nothing in the atmosphere but water vapor and the occasional bird. God must have gone somewhere else.

He must have gone even further away, into space to look down upon us from even further away. Yet when Man achieved space travel, only the empty void and occasional specks of stellar bodies could be found.

Today God must certainly exist, though in an ethereal sense, outside of space and time. He is eternal and omnipresent, and lives inside of us. He cannot be located, as he is both nowhere and everywhere. Is that where God has gone, or has Man made excuses for dodging those who search for him?

It seems every time we shine a light, he has disappeared. It we are ever able to advance our understanding to the conceptual, I wonder where his will hide next. He always seems to avoid being found.



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