Activism, atheism

Do you ever step back?

One of my biggest challenges as an art student is that I don’t often enough take the time to step back an dview my work in progress. I can spend hours bent over a table shading a human body in intricate detail on paper with a pencil, then step back at my creation only to see that my image is distorted and the proportions are off. The drawing is terrible and doesn’t make sense when you look at it. 

Our culture has become this way as well. The United States is a country populated with a Christian majority, who either believe wholeheartedly in a book they’ve never read or have read but choose to ignore key portions. Still worse are those who allow their worldview to be dictated to them. Christianity is not alone in this of course, but it’s a good place to start. 
Engrossed in this culture, all these things make sense, but when you take a step back, all the proportions are off. It looks ridiculous, a sum of parts rather than a cohesive whole. 

I want to be a part of the movement that helps the religious take that backwards step in order to reconsider their worldview. I hope that through this blog I can begin to connect these pieces. Together we can make it all make sense. 

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