art school, atheism, Islam

An Earned C+

One of the courses for my art degree is a a survey course on Islamic art.

Actually, the course is called “Islamic Art History” and the book written by the professor has an entire chapter with the thesis that there is no such genre as “Islamic Art” because the body of work spans 1500 years. She says that a better title would be a “History of Art in the Islamic World.”

Bitch…just call your book and class “History of Art in the Islamic World,” then.

Anyway, I stopped reading the textbook after that point. The course is halfway done and I have nearly 100% in the class. I have not learned a damn thing.

How? The class has the typical unbending deference to the Islamic faith. The answer to every test question is whatever response is the most complementary to the religion. Now that I think about it, this is the only time that kissing a god’s ass has been beneficial to me.

Well, I’m about to turn that A into a C+! We had a paper due today in which we were supposed to answer the question, “Is the Quran a work of art?” My answer of course is a resounding “NOOOOOOO,” with plenty of solid backup and logic. I can’t wait to get a failing grade! I’m going to put it on the fridge!

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