atheism, Mental Health

Freedom to heal…

The absence of a god has given me an incredible about of freedom. 

It’s is absolute emotional torture to have mental health issues while at the same time believing a benevolent being was convicting me daily of thought crimes. 

Making it worse is the tendency of the psychology profession to encourage these beliefs in a misguided effort to motivate a patient. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told to pray in order to relieve the world crumbling experience of an anxiety attack. 

While psychology does have its roots in thought experiments and pseudoscience, there have been considerable gains in evidence-based treatment plans including therapy and medication. I would argue that the discipline is still in its infancy since I’ve been recommend medication with an explanation of, “We don’t know how this works. It maybe try it for a while.”

Still, why encourage magical and superstitious thinking to someone without a clear grip on reality? It’s an impossible task to separate fantasy from reality. A person with an eating disorder may attribute their illness to a god for the sake of being an ascetic, and a suicidal person may be less motivated to step back from the ledge if they believe the warm arms of a god and ancestors are waiting on the other side. 

Since shedding my god belief and looking at my circumstances as they are, I’ve experienced a great lifting of the exhaustion of willfully maintaining a delusion while attempting to manage another. 

I’m free. Shedding  these superstitions has given me the ability to see myself as I am, and to have a clear view of where I would like to be. 

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