Echo Chambers in Kentucky

Last year I took a trip to Kentucky to see the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter. It was a trip taken out of morbid curiosity, and I flew out from California to look at the pretty models of rubber dinosaurs eating fruit. I’m not afraid to question my beliefs (or lack of belief) so where else would I seek answers than the multi million dollar museums? Bring it on!

The sheer incredulity I felt while looking at Ken Ham’s dioramas paled in comparison to the amazing people watching that I was able to do.

I found myself in a hallway of glass cases filled with standing human skeletons, one of which was holding an open Bible. While reading the exhibit descriptions I wound up standing next to what appeared to be an elderly man and his middle-aged son. They looked like they were enjoying themselves and I got a little closer to hear what they were saying about the display they were viewing.

“Isn’t it amazing how science proves it?”

“Uh-huh. Yup.”

I followed behind the pair for a while, listening to their conversation. They didn’t have any sort of feedback when engaging the exhibits, only looked at the display for a moment and gave each placard a cursory glance. I soon realized that they were passing the displays at a rate that no one could possibly read or digest the information being presented. They were merely moving past, giving the presentation an “Uh-huh, yup.” These two were clearly only there to have their existing beliefs reinforced. Of course I really didn’t go there expecting anything different.

I left the two men and wandered around the museum, picking up little bits of conversation as I went and found that they were mostly the same. Just lumbering along, looking at nothing.

The placards may as well had lorem ipsum filler. No one was reading them!.They weren’t even receiving the fake education that they had sought out.

I left with quite a different impression of the museum than I did when I went in. I think I had actually given the museum patrons too much credit. I thought that they would be there in order to strengthen their own apologetic.

They were only there to think, “OK, that’s what I already believe” and moving on.

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