Returning to the Community

From 2006 to about 2008, I was a very active YouTuber with a respectable following and several videos with over 100,000 views. I uploaded several times per week and really enjoyed the sense of community that I was part of. I participated in multiple collabs which served to strengthen my ties. I hosted several meetups and met people who I still speak with on a regular basis. I was even recognized in public a handful of times, which honestly was really cool.

My username is not important as I have since stopped uploading and made the videos private. If you must know, it was in the fitness and weight loss community. Anyone who was in the community at that time will know exactly who I am if they happen to read this. We shared weekly weigh-ins, lifestyle tips, recipes and shared one another’s successes and failures. I’ve tried to reinvent myself and rejoin the community several times since then, but with most self-improvement endeavors I had many false starts that never went anywhere.

I’m hoping to rekindle that sense of community in the Atheist community. In 2007-ish I was one of those “spiritual, but not religious” cliches that you find along the West Coast. I did not believe in a god at that point but strangely had never heard the word “Atheist” used in conversation. I evolved from what I called “Buddhist-ish” to “Pastafarian.” Since then I’ve had a rather significant awakening and have become an Atheist (with a capital A!).

The YouTube Atheist community has been key in helping me wear my non-belief on my sleeve. I attended California Freethought Day and was privileged to meet Aron Ra, speak to him for a while and have him sign my book. David Silverman gave a rousing speech calling out the fact that the event was called “Freethought” Day, and led the crowd in shouting the word “ATHEIST” out loud. It was transformative. I could tell from some of the faces of those around me that they were saying it out loud for the first time. Since that day I have worn the label proudly.

Anyway, I’m tired of being a lurker. I want to participate in this great community and maybe even be able to help someone else shed their theism. Late last week I registered the domain for this website and since then have registered a @mamafreethinker Twitter account, Facebook business page and YouTube channel.

I’m diving in with my whole heart.

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