Doomed to Fail?


Today is August 25th, 2017. I launched this website this morning, whipping out my debit card to foolishly pay for a year’s worth of domain ownership. So here we are. Today was also the worst day and time to have chosen to do this.

My day job occupies about 50 hours per week. Without boring you with the details, my job is negotiating vendor spaces at festivals…for example when you go to your local county fair and see the Tupperware lady with her little 10×10 square space in the exhibit hall…I buy those for a company that operates in several states. They are ridiculously expensive and the sellers are notoriously flaky, often losing payments and insurance details right before the main event. It’s a stressful job that requires me to be available 100% of the time because of these fuckups.

Anyway, I manage half of the company and a remote counterpart manages the other half.

Today, she quit. On a “How Fucked am I?” scale of 1-10, I’m Willie Nelson at a border crossing.

This was also the week my classes started to complete my art degree. I’m taking 17 units and I am having to learn three completely different software programs from ground zero.

Whelp, might as well burn this motherfucker to the ground.

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